Friday, February 5, 2010

Recycling things.

These are Lego pieces. They are not used for very many things. My mom got them from Goodwill. These are the letters L E G and O. I've got a lot more Legos in my house and my sister and me love them. They are awesome!

Goodwill is a recycling store. Recycling is when you reuse it. Goodwill is like that but is it a recycling bin? No. It is not. Goodwill is a store where people get things that other people has used for like a year or a month! It is big! My mom loves it because she likes to recycle things. We recycle because one day maybe the earth might get sick. We don't want that to happen! So, if you see a can, bottle, plastic or glass, recycle it. So if you have anything that you don't want to use anymore, you can give it to Goodwill. You can't give anything for recycling bins to Goodwill. Just if you find one all full, just put it in the recycling bin next time!


  1. Legos are great! I can't wait until my baby grows up and gets to play with Legos too. I love your blog, Robbie!

  2. I love Legos and recycling! Thank you for your awesome tips on how to recycle! :)

  3. Robbie you're awesome! I love your blog! I can't believe how big you're getting. Such a big boy with fantastic tips for recycling.

    Love you:-)
    Auntie Kelli

  4. Thank you Anandi!

    Marja, how did you make the smiley face on the computer?!

    Thank you for saying that Kelli!!