Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lego Pictures

My sister and me were taking pictures of Lego STAR WARS toys. The Lego STAR WARS characters in the picture are Ewoks, R2-D2 (Which you can't see), Leia, Han Solo, a cannon, Chewbacca and Endor Troops. The background is a peace of paper. I drew the background.

This picture is of two Clones fighting Battle Droids. The Clone on the ground is the Commander. The Clone in the AT-TE Walker is the regular Clone.

This picture did not happen in STAR WARS. My sister made this one. The rest are made by me!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Donut Day

On Wednesday my sister and me had two halves of donuts. There was sprinkles, pink frosting, apple sauce and sugar. The sprinkles were colorful! The colors were pink, white and brown.

My mom got them from a donut store that is called FROST. The donuts were yummy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Update #5

This weekend I got a karate suit for my bunny Floatie. I made her do karate moves! Also, I went to my sister's birthday party at my house. Then, I stayed in the house with dad. Last, I saw grandma and grandpa at night time.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Owl Valentines for My Class (Tutorial)

I made owl Valentines for my class on Sunday, February 7, 2010. I made 30 Valentine owls. I used circle candies with holes on the inside of them. I also used little pieces of paper that said "Who's your valentine?". And I used little owl die cuts from Ben Franklin's.

Here is how to make an owl valentine and don't forget to write your name on the back of them.

Step 1: Get out an owl shape and write your name on the back of it.

Step 2: Get out a piece of paper that says "who's your valentine" and stick it on with a heart sticker on the bottom of the little piece of paper. Then put it on the belly of the paper owl.

Step 3: Get out a rounded candy with a hole in the middle of it. Put some tape under the back of the eyes and then push the candy down from the front and the back. And then you have an owl Valentine.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Update #4

This weekend I had ice cream for dessert on Saturday. It was after dinner. Also, I got some more Lego Star Wars toys. They were little Lego sets. Last, I went to karate and saw the girls. I also got a star for my punch card.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Recycling things.

These are Lego pieces. They are not used for very many things. My mom got them from Goodwill. These are the letters L E G and O. I've got a lot more Legos in my house and my sister and me love them. They are awesome!

Goodwill is a recycling store. Recycling is when you reuse it. Goodwill is like that but is it a recycling bin? No. It is not. Goodwill is a store where people get things that other people has used for like a year or a month! It is big! My mom loves it because she likes to recycle things. We recycle because one day maybe the earth might get sick. We don't want that to happen! So, if you see a can, bottle, plastic or glass, recycle it. So if you have anything that you don't want to use anymore, you can give it to Goodwill. You can't give anything for recycling bins to Goodwill. Just if you find one all full, just put it in the recycling bin next time!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lego Tree Tutorial

If you have Lego pieces (Legos are little pieces.) you might be able to build a Lego tree! It will look like this.

These are the Lego pieces you need.

These are the directions.
Steps 1 & 2: Get out four medium brown pieces and then line them up. After, push the four medium brown pieces together.

Step 3: Get out a flat green pieces that is shaped like a square. Then push down the tree trunk in a corner of the flat green piece.

Step 4 & 5: Get out a weed piece and put it in the opposite corner. After that, get out a flower piece and a shiny orange little circle piece and put them on top of each other. Put the flower on the weed part.

Step 6: Get out green pieces that are little and place them on the table separately in three squares.

Step 7 & 8: Push the squares together to make real squares. After you do that put the real squares on top of each other.

Step 9: Put the green square on top of the brown tree trunk and then you have a tree!