Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to make a Sand Craller

1. Make a strat line at the top of the paper. Then make a line down. Make it an inch tall. Then make an dyagnol line faceing down the paper.

2. Make a line acros.

3. Make 2 ovoles tuching the line at the botum. Then make 2 cercols in eatch ovole.

4. Then make the top line biger.

5. Make an end to the sand craller. Then make an window in the frunt of the sand craller. Then make an later between the 2 wheels. Last poot an door abuv the later.


  1. Hi, is that from Star Wars? Are they always brown or are they sometimes different colors?

  2. I always thought it would be fun to drive one of those ... but does that mean I'd be one of the bad guys?

  3. I would like to drive to California in one of those - it looks like it would have a lot of space to play inside, and everyone would move out of your way on the roads! Great drawing!

  4. Glassidentities: No. Sand Crallers are not different colors.

    Mammagiramondo: Thank you!

    Marja: No.

    Haute Goat: Jawas live in there and they carry droids. Thank you for saying great drawing.

  5. I love the very clear instructions, I need clear instructions for drawing :) Great blog, keep it up!